Happiness by Frank Edwards

Download Happiness by Frank Edwards: Frank Edwards, a gospel music minister and star performer, has released a new praise song titled “Happiness.”

Frank Edwards, a multi-talented gospel musician, has recorded a soul-lifting song called “Happiness.” Frank Edwards, a multi-award-winning Nigerian gospel musician, has released the official music video for one of his hit songs, “Happiness.”

Frank Edwards, popularly known as Frank Rich, is a talented singer, songwriter, producer, and sound instrumentalist who has been a huge blessing in the Nigerian and international music industries.

Listen to and share Frank Edwards’ “Happiness” and Download The Mp3 Song Below.

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Frank Edwards is back in 2019 with a brand new single called “Happiness.” Frank Edward is encouraging everyone with his song “Happiness.” On this track, pastor Frank Edward encourages all of his followers to revere the name of the Lord and put an end to all of their problems by dancing like David and receiving Blessings, Grace, and Favour from their creator.

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Frank Edwards, a gospel singer, emphasizes the importance of being cheerful at all times and maintaining a positive attitude in any scenario, knowing full well that worrying will only make things worse. Mr. Frank understands the importance of happiness in one’s life.

Frank Edwards Happiness Lyrics

Children chorus: Nani anaweza kulicheza .?. (Who can dance like .?.) — in Swahili

Me already know say (I already know and say that) happiness is key
And you already know say (that) worry worry cannot change a thing
That’s why the Bible tell me, say in every situation
Say make I praise praise, praise
Say when you see me dance, e be like say na craze (Do not say I’m crazy)
I dey dance like David (I am dancing like David)
Lord I thank you for the love, the life, protection, and salvation

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Refrain 1:
Why you love me this o (Oh, why do you love me like this?)?
Tell me, why you love me like this o?
Abeg, leave me make I dance (Please let me dance)
Every time you see me dancing
This and everywhere, come dance with me
Every time you see me smiling
I just wanna make you smile too

Refrain 2:
As you dey dance, make you carry (As you dance, may you carry)
Favor, blessings, grace, miracles
Favor o, blessings, grace, miracles
Anything wey (that) you want
Blessings, grace, miracles
Make you carry favor, blessings, grace, miracles

When dey fire fire (When they fire (at me))
My God just dey cover cover (My God will cover me)
Everything dem do, e dey bounce back (Everything they do bounces back)
Na God dey play my soundtrack (It is God who plays my soundtrack)
Na Baba God be okaka (It is God the Father who is great)
Na Him dey make me call Him my Papa (It is Him that let me call Him my Father)
Each and everyday you make me wonder wonder
You no dey play me wayo (You do not play me false/ defraud me)
Poverty go low low low
Sickness go low low low
God you love, me love me

(Refrain 1 + Refrain 2)

Happiness is key, worry no dey (does not) help
Everything is working, working for your good (Repeat)

Oya dance now, like a winner man (Ehe)
Praise the Lord, move your body (Hallelujah) (Repeat)

Abeg leave me make I dance (Please leave me alone to dance)
Shebi na (is not) the word of God be my medicine?
Na goodness and mercy na dem go dey (they shall) follow me
Even if I like I go do shakara (show off) for them
From glory to glory na em (will) be my story eh
Na na na….

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Minister Frank Edwards is a multi-instrumentalist who plays a variety of instruments in addition to being a music producer. He is a gifted keyboardist and a confirmed member of his pastor, Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy (Love World) ChurchPresidential ,’s band.

The gospel preacher and creator of Rocktown Records offered this song to his listeners as a new year’s gift in 2019 with an outstanding video performance, but it is still on most people’s playlists and is still relevant in most churches to this day.

Frank Edwards, a numerous award-winning artist, wrote and composed the wonderful single Happiness.

Frank Edwards’ extraordinary song, “Happiness,” is a one-of-a-kind tune that has been warmly received by Frank’s followers all around the world. Frank Edwards, a gospel minister, dedicated this funky song to God and the enjoyment of all his fans.

This funky and amazing sound was not only created and performed by the multitalented artist, but it was also produced by pastor Frank Edward, and the visual performance was directed by H20.

The song was published after Frank Edwards created a lot of buzz on social media about it. Frank Edwards went on to tell his fans that the song is a happy, groovy music with an African tone.