Fox acquires the Gumby universe with plans to shape new projects

Fox acquires the Gumby universe

Fox now manages the Gumby world, which centers on the iconic green clay creature known as Gumby. While I was penning this news, I all of a sudden felt my age. Back in the day, one of my favorite cartoons to watch was Gumby. I also have several action figurines of Gumby and Pokey in my collection. Because I am still able to bend and pose the characters in the way that I like, the material that was utilized to build them is made of some sturdy substance. What exactly is he trying to say? Do they not produce them as effectively as they used to?


Gumby is going to get a makeover for a new audience courtesy of Fox. Oh, man. When Gumby purists take to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to complain about this upgrade, it’s going to be hilarious, right? Childhoods are on the line here! In any case, Fox will produce a new series that will be broadcast on linear television, as well as digital and blockchain platforms. Oh wow! On the blockchain, there are blockheads. Gumby in the face! What are the chances that Art Clokey, the man responsible for creating the Gumby universe, will approve of this progression?

For the latest iteration of the Gumby universe that Fox intends to produce, the studio has ambitions to create both a new animated series as well as live-action programming. The production company is currently in discussion with A-List stars about contributing to the revival of the Gumby universe. Perhaps they’ll pick up the phone and contact Chris Pratt.

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Gumby has been the focus of not one, but two different television shows, the first of which aired on NBC in the 1950s and the second of which aired on Lorimar-Telepictures in 1988. Additionally, Gumby was the topic of a full-length motion picture that was released in 1995.


Fox negotiated a contract with the estate of Joseph Clokey, who was the son of Art Clokey, the show’s creator, on behalf of Gumby and all of his buddies. As a result of this contract, Tubi’s existing selection of Gumby-themed content will be expanded to include the complete library of animated Gumby programs, as well as specials, movies, and other content.


“There is a lot of competition for intellectual property that is known all over the world. According to the CEO of Fox Entertainment, John Collier, “discovering this treasure, with its built-in awareness and affinity, and bringing it to Fox offers tremendous value and creative possibilities not only to the IP itself but also to various divisions of our company.” “Fox is thrilled to have these legendary characters as part of its family. Everyone is invited, so come on in!


Taking the humor out of the situation, this is a fascinating turn of events. There have been decades during which Gumby has not been seen as “cool.” I am curious as to the manner in which Fox intends to modernize the character, as well as whether or not they will employ stop-motion animation in order to bring him back to life. During the time that I watched Gumby in the 1980s, the main characters, including Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, Goo, Minga, Denali, and the Blockheads, were involved in a number of wild escapades, and the animation was a sight to behold.

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Throughout the course of the show, Gumby and his pals would travel into various storybooks, where they would engage in a wide variety of mischievous activities. I’m curious to see how the character will be reimagined in this new version, as well as whether or not children will welcome Gumby and his friends with open arms. We’ll just have to sit tight and see what happens.


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