Floyd Mayweather Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Kids

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is an American boxing promoter and a former professional fighter. He was born Floyd Joy Mayweather on February 24, 1977, in the United States. He is the current owner of the NASCAR Cup Series team known as The Money Team Racing.

From 1996 to 2017, he competed as a professional boxer, during which time he won 15 major world championships in weight classes ranging from super featherweight to light middleweight. He retired with a perfect record. Included are the titles held by Ring magazine in five different weight divisions as well as the lineal championships in four of those weight classes (twice at welterweight).

As an amateur boxer, he competed in the featherweight division of the Olympics in 1996, where he took home the bronze medal. He also won three US Golden Gloves championships—one each in the light flyweight, flyweight, and featherweight categories—and the US national featherweight championship.

Floyd Mayweather Early Life

On February 24, 1977, Floyd Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a professional boxer. His father, Floyd Mayweather Sr., competed as a professional boxer and is best known for his fight against Sugar Ray Leonard. Both Floyd Jr uncles, Jeff and Roger, have had successful careers in the world of professional boxing. Floyd’s father, Floyd Sr., as well as Floyd’s current trainer, Roger, have both assisted Floyd in the past.

When Floyd was a little boy, his mother was addicted to heroin, and his father was missing for a significant portion of his life. The majority of Floyd’s father’s time at the boxing gym was spent with his son once he reached the age where he could participate. After his father was sentenced to time behind bars, Floyd moved in with his grandma. During this period, Floyd was extremely focused on his boxing career. He decided to pursue a career as an amateur instead of continuing his education at the high school level.

Floyd was successful in the Golden Gloves competition on a national level in 1993, 1994, and 1996. In addition, he was awarded the bronze medal at the Olympic Games held in Atlanta in 1996. His record as an amateur was 84–4 at the time.

Floyd Mayweather Family (Wife and Children)

Koraun is the eldest of Mayweather’s five children and the only son he has. He is the father of a daughter who goes by the name Iyanna, a boy who goes by the name Zion, and a daughter who goes by the name Jirah. Devion Cromwell, the son of Floyd’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Brim, was supposed to be adopted by Floyd; however, the adoption process was never properly finished.

There are two distinct women responsible for the birth of the four biological children. Koraun, Zion, and Jirah Harris are the names of Floyd and Josie Harris’s three children. Josie Harris is a real celebrity. Iyanna was the product of Floyd’s ill-fated relationship with the television personality Melissa Brim.

Floyd Mayweather Age

The boxer Floyd Mayweather is 45 years old at this point. On February 24, 1977, he was brought into this world.

Floyd Mayweather Career

On October 11, 1996, Floyd Mayweather competed in his debut fight as a professional. His opponent, Roberto Apodaca, was knocked out in the second round by the punch that he landed.

Floyd went on to win an astonishing six boxing championships throughout the course of his career. These championships were in the following weight classes: super featherweight, lightweight, junior welterweight, welterweight twice, and super welterweight. As of the time this article was written, his professional boxing record stands at 50 victories with no losses. The knockout was responsible for 27 of the 50 triumphs.

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Floyd Mayweather Earnings in his Career

Arturo Gatti June 2005 $3.2 million
Carlos Baldomir November 2006 $8 million
Oscar De La Hoya May 2007 $25 million
Ricky Hatton February 2008 $20 million
WWE Wrestle Mania December 2008 $25 million
Juan Manuel Márquez September 2009 $25 million
Sugar Shane Mosley May 2010 $30 million
Victor Ortiz September 2011 $40 million
Miguel Cotto May 2012 $40 million
Robert Guerrero May 2013 $50 million
Saul Alvarez September 2013 $75 million
Marcos Maidana I May 2014 $40 million
Marcos Maidana II September 2014 $32 million
Manny Pacquiao May 2015 $250 million
Andre Berto September 2015 $35 million
Conor McGregor August 2017 $300 million
Tenshin Nasukawa December 2018 $9 million
Logan Paul June 2021 $35 million
Total $1.022 billion


Additionally, he made almost $2 million in his first 15 fights prior to his fight against Arturo Gatti in the year 2005. Outside of the ring, Floyd has raked in approximately $25 million from the sale of merchandise and the negotiation of a few minor endorsement deals.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather was scheduled to fight Manny Pacquiao on March 13, 2009, who was considered to be his toughest opponent to date. It’s conceivable that this fight has been the most anticipated in the past ten years. At that time, it was anticipated that pay-per-view revenues would exceed $180 million. Floyd was scheduled to receive an initial payment of $25 million, as well as backend installments ranging from $20 million to $25 million, from the total sum of $180 million. Due to the fact that Mayweather and Pacquiao were unable to reach an agreement, the fight had to be put off for a significant amount of time. After that, Floyd went on to win victories over “Sugar” Shane Mosley on April 1, 2010, and Victor Ortiz in 2011.

The highly anticipated fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao took place on May 2, 2015, in Las Vegas. It is anticipated that this will be the boxing contest with the highest earnings in the history of the sport. Floyd and Manny have come to an agreement that will see all revenues split 60-40 between them. Floyd Mayweather made $250 million from the fight. Pacquiao walked away with $150 million in prize money.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Robert Guerrero and Saul Alvarez

After defeating Robert Guerrero on May 4, 2013, Floyd received an estimated fifty million dollars, of which thirty-two million dollars was guaranteed. When Floyd Mayweather fought Saul Alvarez on September 14, 2013, he was awarded a total of $75 million, of which $41.5 million was guaranteed. That was the most lucrative purse that has ever been awarded in the sport of boxing. A record that will be easily surpassed on May 2, 2015, when Floyd finally faces Manny Pacquiao for the first time in their careers.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul

An exhibition match between Floyd and the YouTuber Logan Paul took place in June of 2021. Floyd was guaranteed $10 million in addition to a share of the proceeds from the Pay-Per-View event. The purchase of the pay-per-view event by about one million customers resulted in an income of fifty million dollars. As a result, Floyd made a grand total of $35 million.

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Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor

On August 26, 2017, Floyd Mayweather competed against Conor McGregor in the Pay Per View boxing event that generated the most revenue in the sport’s history. During the course of the event, at least 5 million pay-per-view tickets were purchased. After everything was said and done, the fight generated over $700 million in total revenue across all sources, which ultimately resulted in Mayweather receiving a payment of $300 million before taxes. Due to the fact that he resided in Nevada, he was exempt from paying any state income taxes on those gains.

He did end up paying the IRS around forty percent of his total income. In point of fact, he paid forty percent of his earnings in addition to twenty-two million dollars in back taxes that were due on earnings from 2015. When everything was said and done, his taxable income came to a total of 160 million dollars. After the fight with McGregor, Floyd Mayweather had a total net worth of $560 million which was coupled with his previous net worth.

Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth

Because of his enormous wealth, Floyd Mayweather is commonly referred to as “Money,” which is an apt moniker for him given that his estimated net worth in 2021 is $450 million. Mayweather, on the other hand, has disclosed that he has a net worth of $1.2 billion.
Boxing was the means by which Floyd Mayweather amassed his fortune. He is one of only a handful of top-ranked boxers in the history of the sport to finish their careers without ever having lost a fight. As his boxing skills improved, so did the reputation of his team and brand, and in 2007, when he was a 12-time world champion, he established “The Money Team,” also known as TMT.

He has amassed the most wealth of any boxer in history, and his professional record of 50-0 makes him the most successful fighter of all time. Floyd Mayweather is a self-made millionaire. He made his money through boxing. He came from a poor family and had no advantages growing up. He had to put in a lot of work in order to achieve the $1 billion that he made as a boxer.

Floyd is the fifth highest-paid athlete in the history of the sport, and he is one of just six athletes whose lifetime earnings have reached $1 billion. In addition, Floyd is the fifth highest-paid boxer in history. The other five are Michael Schumacher (worth $1 billion), Jack Nicklaus (worth $1.15 billion), Arnold Palmer (worth $1.35 billion), Tiger Woods (worth $1.65 billion), and Michael Jordan (worth $1.9 billion). Even though he didn’t make much money from endorsements, Floyd still managed to climb all the way up to sixth place on the list of highest-paid athletes in history. This is undoubtedly the most astounding thing about his earnings. To put that into perspective, the vast majority of the highest-paid sportsmen in the annals of sports history amassed the majority of their wealth through endorsement deals. Only two of Floyd Mayweather’s fights brought in more than $500 million for him.

The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in 2015 earned a record amount of money for a boxing match: $250,000,000. Mayweather is the most popular fighter in boxing history. That is the most money that has ever been on the line for a fight. When he squared up against the rising star of the UFC Conor McGregor in 2017. “Money” came out on top, winning an astounding one hundred million dollars in the competition.

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In a contest that was only for exhibition purposes, Floyd Mayweather battled Logan Paul. Prior to the bout, it was decided that the well-known American boxer would pay the YouTuber the agreed-upon figure of $14 million, but the money has not yet been transferred.

In 2013, just before his fight with Saul Alvarez, Floyd notoriously divulged the balance in his checking account to a reporter from ESPN. Floyd flaunted his impressive bank account balance of 123 million dollars with pride.

During the years that Floyd Mayweather was at the peak of his boxing career, he was consistently and significantly the highest-paid athlete in the world. Floyd Mayweather could easily earn $150 million to $300 million per year from his fights, despite the fact that he has relatively few sponsorship deals. Between June 2014 and June 2015, Floyd raked in a staggering $300 million in earnings. Between the months of June 2017 and June 2018, Floyd Mayweather earned a total of $300 million, the majority of which came from his fight against Conor McGregor in August 2017. Outside of the ring, Floyd consistently brings around $10 million each year because of sponsorship deals.

Floyd Mayweather’s Profile Summary

Nickname TBE, Money, and Pretty Boy
Birth date February 24, 1977
Birthplace Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Pisces
Father’s name Floyd Mayweather Sr.
Mother’s name Deborah Sinclair
Siblings’ names Fannie Orr (sister), Deltricia Tawanna Howard (sister), Fatimah Mayweather (sister), and Justin Mayweather Jones (brother)
Sex orientation Straight
Marital status Single
Kids Zion Shamaree Jirah Mayweather (daughter), Iyanna Mayweather (daughter), Koraun Mayweather (son), and Mayweather (son)
Profession Professional boxer
Division Light welterweight, Light middleweight, Super featherweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Welterweight, and Heavyweight
Height 5 feet 8 inches (approx. 1.73m)
Weight 149.9 lbs (approx. 68 kg)



  • Made $250 million fighting Manny Pacquiao in 2015
  • Made $300 million fighting Conor McGregor in 2018
  • Has earned $1.1 billion in his career to date
  • One of just five athletes to earn more than $1 billion
  • Was consistently the highest-paid entertainer in the world at his career peak
  • Once paid $18 million for a single watch
  • Owns a $60 million Gulfstream G650 private jet
  • Owns a $25 million Beverly Hills mansion
  • Owns a $10 million Las Vegas mansion
  • Made $35 million fighting Logan Paul


How many losses does Floyd Mayweather have?

Mayweather has gone the last 26 years undefeated in his professional boxing career. It’s hard to believe that he’s only fallen short of victory six times when you watch some of his best performances. All of those failures occurred while they were competing at the amateur level, as you might have anticipated. That was before Floyd Mayweather embarked on one of the most successful careers in the annals of sports history.


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