Five great iPad games (November 2022)

Here are the five finest games for the iPad (November 2022)

No matter how long you’ve been using an iPad or how recently you’ve added one to your life, there are a wealth of interesting games and experiences that gamers can indulge in regardless of where they are or what they’re doing.

These may be enjoyed at home, on the go, or anywhere in between. The days of straightforward games like Doodle Jump, which had straightforward controls and only included a single track, are long gone.

These days, players can get titles that are completely developed and available on their mobile devices to play.

However, players who are slogging through the muck may have a difficult time discovering the ideal games in which to immerse themselves.

These five incredible games will have you going back for more every time you’re near your tablet, even though there are still some titles available that are designed to squander your time.

With some of these games even letting you to use the controllers from your home consoles, you’ll have access to some of the very best portable gaming experiences thanks to the wide variety of options shown here.

Best iPad Games For All Gamers

There is a wide variety of content available on the App Store, and it does not matter how experienced you are or how comfortable you are with games.

Following along with these options may help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for, but it may take some time to find something that resonates with you.

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Cookie Run Kingdom


Players will need to assist Gingerbrave in re-building their kingdom in order to complete a worthy mission that involves defending their kingdom against other cookies with malicious intentions.

In addition to this city-building component, players will be able to take part in epic adventures, collaborate with other players in guilds, and engage in a wide variety of other activities.

When you check on, there will always be something new for you to look forward to because the site is updated on a very regular basis.

Just remember to seek out the most delicious toppings for the cookies that are your favorites.



Even while its icon might not exactly jump out at you, it is still something that you will keep in mind.

This is a text-based life simulation game, and it will either take you on the most thrilling life possible, or it will take you on the most monotonous life possible.

The fact that you may direct its course is undoubtedly the most advantageous aspect of the situation.

Players will have a difficult time tearing themselves away from this incredibly engrossing game due to the fact that it provides a large number of weekly tasks to keep them occupied.

Even more bizarrely, there are times when it may work hand in hand with the mainstream media to raise the likelihood of certain bizarre occurrences taking place.

Call of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile should be one of the first titles that you download onto your choice of gleaming new iPad if you are a gamer searching for something that is a little more intense than our prior options.

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Because there is a large selection of weaponry available, as well as a variety of game modes, players who do not wish to spend the equivalent of $70 every year in order to play the most recent installment in the series will find that this title provides more than enough to keep them occupied.

In addition, having some insane crossovers might assist you in making the decision to download it even more quickly.



Roblox defies easy categorization due to its unique nature. Roblox makes use of a wide variety of games on its platform because what it offers is not a game in the traditional sense but rather an experience.

There is sure to be something on here that appeals to each and every one of you, whether you are looking for a high-flying adventure like Blox Fruits or an adorable cafe manager like My Hello Kitty Cafe.

Fans of First-Person Shooters and even some of the most in-depth role-playing game titles will be able to find something to pour endless hours into thanks to the range of experiences that are offered. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a dime to play any of Roblox’s games.

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact is the game that gamers should look no farther than if they are interested in finding the best free-to-play game that is compatible with their new iPad.

In spite of the fact that this game features a number of optional in-app purchases (microtransactions), it will not cost you anything to play it.

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You will be able to take a fully functional action role-playing game with you everywhere you go, in addition to having complete controller compatibility on iOS devices.

This refined game continues to be a source of a steady stream of content thanks to the regular introduction of new locations and characters.

Simply ensure that you will always have access to the internet so that you may play the game, as you will not be able to do so otherwise.

On the iPad, as well as on the Apple Watch, you may find a wide selection of incredible games to get lost in for hours.

However, giving these games a try before downloading anything else might provide gamers the opportunity to discover more about their preferences in gaming, and along the road they could continue to fill up their library with plenty of other excellent titles.


Five great iPad games (November 2022)