An Exclusive Look at Exceptional Beings Trailer Reveals a War Between the Gods

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13stream has released an exclusive trailer for the forthcoming psychological action fantasy thriller Exceptional Beings, directed by Njedeh Anthony and Christian Kazadi jointly. On January 31, 2023, the movie will be available in digital format, on DVD, and through video-on-demand services.

The plot of the movie is described as follows: “Two Immortal Gods, Athena and Hermes, who have lived on earth for over 4,000 years discover that there is much more to the planet than they have always believed when they then come into contact with Mina, a woman who causes them to question their reality.”

They track her existence from the time she was born until the present day, spanning many cities and countries to comprehend her existence and determine whether or not she is human. Their investigation into Mina ultimately turns out to be a journey that leads them to a deeper comprehension of both themselves and their divine nature.

Take a look at this exclusive trailer for Exceptional Beings down below:

Exceptional Beings Trailer

Njedeh Anthony and Christian Kazadi are both credited for their work as co-directors on Exceptional Beings. Ciarra Carter, Dane Oliver, Rachel Thundat, Bunmi Famuyiwa, Clark Moore, Chad Sano, Jean Charles, Sarah Bonrepaux, Victoria Antonelli, and Eric Roberts are some actors who appear in it.

Allen Media Group, owned by Byron Allen, has announced that its digital film distribution company, Freestyle Digital Media, has purchased the rights to distribute the movie in North America.

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