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Evil West teaser – Wild West meets Van Helsing

Evil west review:Our coverage of PAX East 2022 will come to a close after this coming week. After almost a month has passed since the event, we are now getting around to sharing some of the evening’s highlights with you.

Hands-on treatment of Flying Wild Hog’s Evil West and Massive Monster’s Cult of Lamb will be presented in the next two pieces of this series.

Due to the popularity of the demo, the majority of the media PAX East bookings had to be canceled, thus we will have to perform a demo of Cult of the Lamb at our house instead. Therefore, instead of looking for a cult of lambs in Evil West, let’s look for a cult of vampires.

When it comes to cowboy-themed video games, there aren’t too many options to choose from. Even more uncommon are games based on cowboys that combine elements of mythology into the gameplay. Just two video games from the past ten years immediately come to mind: Van Helsing and Red Dead Redemption.

Now, Flying Wild Hog’s Evil West is going to be published by Focus Home Interactive at some point in the year 2022.

It’s possible that many players who haven’t been paying attention to this game ever since it was announced are scratching their heads and wondering, “What is Evil West?” The quick explanation is that it is a western shooter in which one of the few remaining vampire hunters tries to rid the wild west of the threat posed by vampires.

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Personal and Direct Experiences

When we started the Evil West demo, we were not entirely sure what to anticipate happening. The trailer for the Game Awards displayed some atypical vampires, some violent finishers, and a variety of talents that the player will have access to in the game.

Since there was some time in between The Game Awards and PAX East, we must admit that we did forgot the complete premise of Evil West.

Because of this, coming into the PAX East demo without any prior knowledge was not only invigorating but also allowed for the elimination of any expectations prior to viewing the demo.

If you were to play Evil West without any prior knowledge, you might compare it to a combination of Red Dead Redemption, Darksiders, and Doom. During the demonstration, the area that we were permitted to explore was quite constrained and sequential.

During the demonstration, it was clear that the total area was significantly larger than what was being shown; certain parts of the environment were restricted, but they should still enable players to find extra cover spots.

The fact that headshots in this game did not result in an instant kill was unexpected in comparison to previous games; despite the fact that headshots did not result in an instant kill, the damage inflicted allowed for the target to be stunned, leaving them vulnerable to a certain kind of kill.

When adversaries were rendered helpless, the player had the opportunity to gib them. When in the gib state, the player had multiple options for how they may kill the enemy.

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Demonstration Meetings

Players were given the opportunity to kill a wide assortment of foes throughout the demo. These foes varied from freshly transformed ones that were in the process of converting into full-fledged vampire bosses.

Every one of these foes has a one-of-a-kind weak spot, and the way the player interacted with each of these monsters was different.

During the course of the demonstration, we were presented with three fast-paced challenges. The first encounter took place in a normal town in the Midwest and involved a shootout.

These vampires were immune to the harmful effects of the sun and were able to maintain a position of superiority to snipe at us. These foes were more vulnerable to injury when they were shot in the head.

The second run-in took occurred within a lair inhabited by vampires. The humans who were going through the process of transitioning were in a state that was more like to that of a vampire. They were more resistant to damage from headshots and were able to take more of it before succumbing.

It was more entertaining to watch the gib killings performed on these worm-like vampires; the executions, on the other hand, are more violent but not always as entertaining. They reminded me of the low-level creatures in the video game Doom.

The final encounter, which was also the most satisfying, was the fight against the ultimate boss. This was the final battle, and it was against the Vampire Commander, who would launch a number of different attacks. This battle felt more like a boss fight from Dark Souls or Dark Siders than anything else.

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The player is required to carefully time their attacks, roll out of the way of incoming missiles, and perform lethal combinations. Be careful, for the vampire lord has the ability to drain the health of monsters that he has created.

You will have a better chance of surviving the encounter if you concentrate your attacks on the boss rather than the minions.

In general, the fundamental gameplay of the game had the impression of being well developed and polished. During our time spent testing out the game, we did not come across any graphical errors.

The most of the executions were fun, despite the fact that it seemed as though the transitioning vampires needed a little bit more work.

The players should have a lot of fun with this aspect of the game if it is just a minor part of the larger game.

Be on the lookout for additional content related to Evil West in the near future. Sometime in 2022, Evil West will be available for the Windows PC platform (via Steam), the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X|S, the PlayStation 4, and the PlayStation 5.


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