Dunsin Oyekan – Always God (Mp3 Download and Lyrics)

Dunsin Oyekan sings in his song “Always God” on the love that God has for his people that will never end. The lyrics serve as a reminder that no matter what they go through, God is always with them, he is always God, and he will always be God. This is true regardless of what happens to them. Those who are going through difficult times might take comfort in the fact that they are not the only ones. He tells us that no matter what we do, we can always count on the love and support of our Heavenly Father no matter what the outcome of our actions may be.

Because of Oyekan’s soothing voice and the moving and powerful nature of the song “Always God,” anyone who is in need of a reminder of God’s love should absolutely give this song a listen. “Always God” is a song that will encourage and uplift anyone who hears it.

Dunsin Oyekan – ALWAYS GOD Mp3 Download

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ALWAYS GOD Lyrics by Dunsin Oyekan

You never earned it
Never became it
It did not start now
And it won’t stop now

You were God
You are God
You will always be God


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