Choose or Die
Choose or Die
  • Netflix Release Date: April 15, 2022
  • Director: Toby Meakins
  • Star: Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans, Eddie Marsan, Kate Fleetwood, Robert Englund

Choose or Die Trailer



It’s impossible to exhaust the well of cheap pathos that is gaming nostalgia, and if the first trailer for Netflix’s Choose or Die is any indication, it’s also a rich source of material for cheesy horror films. Toby Meakins makes his feature film debut with this psychological horror-thriller, which will be released on Netflix on April 15 this year. Previously known as CURS>R, the digital horror film Choose or Die is evocative on some levels of the early 2000s era of clumsy internet horror that gave us films such as FeardotCom and a host of other titles. But this is a more developed version of such a digital horror concept, in which a long-forgotten relic of 1980s gaming demonstrates its ability to warp reality around it while forcing players into a game of life and death. With the supposedly sinister arcade cabinet (which has a more subtle twist on the classic Polybius urban legend) we’re getting strong echoes of Black Mirror’s “Bandersnatch,” albeit in a more subtle way. Choose or Die stars Asa Butterfield, who previously appeared in Hugo and Ender’s Game, as well as Iola Evans, Eddie Marsan, Kate Fleetwood, and, according to reports, the legendary Robert Englund, who is playing… himself? Any fan of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare will tell you that it is always a good time when he is in the mood for it.

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