Big Bet is Hulu's South Korean Crime Drama

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The first official trailer for Hulu’s newest criminal drama series, Big Bet, has been made available. The plot revolves around the biggest casino in the Philippines and involves a South Korean cop and a crime boss. Choi Min-sik, known for his role in Oldboy, and Son Suk-ku, who starred in Sense8, play these characters, respectively.

Big Bet is Hulu's South Korean Crime Drama

The film depicts a casino tycoon who eludes authorities by relocating to another nation to escape tax investigations. There, he once again presides over a gambling empire and is again in a position to exert influence over politicians and other influential people in positions of authority to get them to do his bidding.

However, his business is disrupted when he is considered a possible suspect in a murder case. This causes a police officer from South Korea who has been assigned to the Philippines to search for him.

Big Bet Trailer

Kang Yoon-sung is the director of the film Big Bet. It features Choi Min-sik (I Saw the Devil), Son Suk-ku (My Liberation Notes), Lee Dong-hwi (Extreme Job), Heo Sung-tae (Squid Game), Kim Joo-ryoung (Squid Game), Kim Roi-ha (Memories of Murder), Jin Seon-kyu (The Outlaws), and some other well-known actors and actresses.

According to the plot summary, Cha Moosik is the proprietor of a gaming bar, but he is forced to leave for the Philippines because of an investigation by the National Tax Service. “He starts a full-fledged casino enterprise and plots his way to victory in the political and business circles of the Philippines,” However, all of a sudden, he is fingered as a suspect in the murder of Min Seokjun, and Oh Seunghoon of the Korean Desk is sent to investigate him. When there is money involved, betrayal is often inevitable. Who do you think will be the final one standing?

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Hulu has just made all episodes of the series available to stream online.