10 Melania Trump Facts Beyond Headlines

Melania Trump has been in and out of the media since her husband, Donald Trump, served his time as President of the United States. Regardless of her many ups and downs in the public eye, Melania is a well-known and primarily well-liked public figure. CCN polls say that 57 percent of Americans view her positively and have a favorable impression of her. To learn more about the former First Lady, read on to discover 10 Melanie Trump facts beyond headlines.

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She is one of two first ladies in history to have been born outside of the US

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia, making her only the second first lady born outside of the United States. The only other first lady in this category is Louisa Catherine Johnson, who was the wife of sixth US president John Quincy Adams. She was born in England.

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Melania is the only first lady from a Communist country

Melania was born in Slovenia. At the time of her childhood, Slovenia was a part of the former country of Yugoslavia, which was a Communist country. She grew up in the small town of Sevnica, where many of the townspeople were not particularly well off financially. Despite this, people knew Melania, or Melanija Knavs (as she was called then), was “always very fancy” and someone who never wore clothes from typical stores.

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No other first lady has been the third wife of a US President like her

Melania might have been the first lady, but she was Trump’s third wife. Ivana Trump was his first, followed by Marla Maples.

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She is the only first lady who speaks a language other than English as their first language

No other US First Lady in history has not spoken English as a first language. Melania is known as a polyglot, or someone who speaks many languages. She also speaks more languages than any other first lady in US history. In addition to Slovenian, she speaks English, German, Italian, and Serbian.

Melania has also been a very successful model

Before becoming the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump was a very successful model. She posed for Sports Illustrated, Vanity Fair, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. She is also the only first lady of the United States to have posed nude, including for spreads in British GQ in 2000.

Melania has also made an appearance in a television commercial

Back in 2005, Melania made her debut in a television commercial. She was featured in a commercial for Aflac, which is an American-based insurance company. The storyline for the commercial was mad scientist-themed and even featured the famous Aflac duck mascot.

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Melania Trump is one of the tallest US first ladies in history

Melania Trump is much taller than you might realize. She looks over most people she may meet, standing at 5 foot 11 inches tall. She is actually tied for the title of tallest first lady with two other former first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama.

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Melania Trump delayed her move into the White House

No other first lady has ever delayed their move into the White House, with every other first lady moving into the White House immediately upon their husbands moving into the White House. Melania is different from the rest, as she waited a full five months before joining her husband, Donald Trump, in the White House.

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Rumors circulated that she may have never lived in the White House

Conspiracies floated around reporting that she never actually lived in the White House with Donald. The alternative story is that she lived in a house near her son’s school with her parents.

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There were also rumors that the Trumps did not spend a lot of time together in the White House

Rumors were in the air that the Trumps spent “very little to no time together.” Sources also said that they slept in different bedrooms and had totally different schedules.